St Paul’s Pillar Church (Agia Kryiaki) Paphos

St Paul's Pillar Church

We have worked for the past decade with our Parish priests, Frs. Carlos, Fernando, Miguel of the I.V.E. Missionary Order and Fr. Jim Kennedy, ex Diocese of Westminster.   Fr. Ismael has recently arrived and is warmly welcomed into the Parish with his linguistic skills and depth of experience.

Fr. Carlos Ferrero, has recently been appointed Senior I.V.E. Priest for the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. His duties include travelling to all parts of the Holy Land. Fr. Carlos is based in both our Parish and Bethlehem.  His Priesthood journey seems to continually present him with the most difficult challenges.

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Father Carlos and the Sisters who care for the children at the ‘Hogar Nino Dias’ Home of Mercy, Bethlehem.  This Home is in Palestine and for children who have been abandoned, have handicaps and special needs.

zzxpic Home of Mercy Bethlehem carlos

Fr. Jim (ex Royal Marines Chaplain) was the first Priest immediately on the scene of the Tavistock Square London bombings on 7 July 2005.  Fr. Jim explains the more academic aspects of the Scriptures with great clarity and depth of meaning.

zxpic Jim

Fr. Fernando manages the Oratory Club, Passion and Nativity plays.  Fr. Fernando engages all with his vigour, enthusiasm and passionate homilies.

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Fr. Miguel was appointed to the I.V.E. Mission in Papua New Guinea a few years ago. Fr. Miguel as ever, seems to face all difficulties with a happy and energetic disposition and the strength and faith required to achieve the best possible outcomes.


From Spring to Autumn we host, on a shared basis with the Parish Presbytery, the Church’s family Oratory Club. We also support the Parish Passion Play, Nativity Play and other Parish events.





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