Mersini Villa Sanctuary & Retreat Tsada, Paphos


We continue to further shape our land to establish a ‘Christian Retreat’, dedicated to St Francis of Assisi and similar in community purpose to the original Knights Templar & Knights of St. John Hospitaller Commandery at Kolossi Castle near Limassol, Cyprus (a 10 year project so far).

zzxpic3 Villa ariel (3)

Our aim for many years has been to build an environment which offers a safe and peaceful space for the community activities we already support, in a natural and beautiful landscape.


We aim to develop gardening and farming zones for people to work together and grow what they need. Alongside the work there will be space for families to bring children for play, swimming and healthy outdoor activities. The art workshop will provide communal work for Mary’s helpers in commissions for mosaics and art.


Additionally to our community endeavours, we also aim to provide a space for the contemplation of Christian art and history, a museum of information and artefacts for those seeking education and knowledge about our Christian heritage. We also aim to offer space and accommodation for retreats, with participation from our IVE community of priests, members of the Caritas team and our large network of Cypriot artists and experts.


It is our longer term aim to build retreat accommodation on our land for use by local people/visitors seeking to participate in the life and purpose of our Christian retreat.


These photos reflect our land, art workshop, retreat museum, olive groves and installed mosaics and murals. Our small museum displays artefacts and relics from over 7000 years of history. Our Christian section contains a number of important items (some unique) from 1st to 14th century AD. Museum note: Authorised by the Cyprus Dept of Antiquities. All items have legitimate acquisition provenances external to the Republic of Cyprus.


We host St Paul’s Pillar Church (Agia Kyriaki) family Oratory Group on a shared basis with the Church through Spring to Autumn. We also host simple relaxation and fun events for refugee families whenever possible.






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