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Introduction to this site by Leigh and Mary Chojnowski.

We welcome you to our website for CHCCH – Christian & Humanitarian Concord of Cyprus & The Holy Land.

We are committed to developing a Christian and humanitarian concord across Cyprus and The Holy Land Region. Our objective is to more effectively co-ordinate, manage and direct our activities and the distribution of available resources to those most in need.  We have highlighted the practical good works and support of our partners who all work towards the same aspiration.

We further wish to encourage additional volunteers and partnerships, as well as to heighten awareness of the difficulties faced by the most vulnerable within our communities. We believe that all charitable time, efforts and donations should be delivered in full to the intended recipients.

We endeavour with our volunteers, partner organisations and religions of all Faiths to provide practical support and guidance for refugee families, the homeless and others in need. We aim to approach our activities with integrity, sensitivity, compassion, practical and spiritual support.

UNHCR Short Film June 2020 –¬† Learning Refuge Paphos, Cyprus.

During our first 11 years in Cyprus, we have been fortunate to have nurtured a spirit of Christian and humanitarian concord with our Orthodox neighbours, people of all Faiths and individuals with a purely humanitarian ethos. We have also developed relationships and partnerships in Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

We have both worked with and have been supported in our activities by people and entities of goodwill from across the community. These partners have demonstrated courage and self-sacrifice within the most difficult of charitable works, engaging in direct and ‘face to face’ support. Our partnerships and relationships are with:

  • Individuals of humanitarian nature
  • CARITAS (ending poverty, promoting justice & restoring dignity)
  • UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency)
  • Roman Catholic, Maronite, Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant Faiths
  • The Calvary Church
  • The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints (providing significant aid to the Caritas refugee food & medical¬† support programme and the Learning Refuge).
  • Individuals and humanitarian groups of the Islamic Faith

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We also value our relationships with those Priories and Commanderies of chivalric religious orders, which focus their activities on direct practical support for the most in need within their local communities and The Holy Land.


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